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              About    S N O W F A I R  P U B L I S H I N G                   

Snowfair was formed as the umbrella organization for Devon Michael's work as a novelist and writer, and, more intimately, as a way to support the unique playfulness of the human imagination. In a deeper context, Snowfair seeks interface emerging voices across genres and produce magnificent work born from bringing artists together. The organization had subsequently grown beyond publishing fiction to include the work in new genres that include peotry, audio performance, and visual arts.


The uniting theme of the Snowfair Publishing imprint is the deep joy and fervor we put in to creating each new work. Whatever vein (from fantasy to fine art) strikes an intimate chord with you, know that we put everything we could in to making it the best.


Snowfair Publishing acts to coordinate speaking and signing events with sales of trade paperback, e-book, audiobook, and hardcover formats of our author's work, as well as hardcover photo books for our visual artists. Devon Michael serves as editor alongside Senior Editor Em Morrison, who is also published as a novelist and poet.


If interested in subscribing to news about new published works, just enter your e-mail below. (Note that we are a small press and e-mail from us will be infrequent and poignant.) Bolstering our mailing list encourages authors to reward subscribers with new work and free content as often as possible.


            Contact Us


We value you support from the bottom of our hearts and anyone is encouraged to reach out to us. At this point Snowfair Publishing does not accept unsolicited works for publication, though we look ofrward to doing so in the future. Even still, if you would like to contact us we would love to hear from you. Please note that press kits are available for contributors on their respective artist pages.

Towards the beginning of my adult life, there was an idea I had for a story.

It started as a comic book outline, but the original project grew quickly into a long form novel that ended up being tucked away in a drawer until the day came when I developed the skill and collaborators I'd need to handle such a project.

These pictures are some of the long since discarded remnants of the original storyboards by Tyler McCourtney. Though they are very rough you can get a sense of the style and feel of the work.




Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 7.44.23 PM.png
Hands of the Sea Cover.jpg
GC Cover ver 1.1.jpg

The young man in the sketch is named Baer; one of the older children in the junkyard, and in this scene he thinks he hears something rare and terrifying: gunfire. What the noise turns out to be is, in fact, much worse...


Born Eternal

Born Eternal - Book 1

by Elizabeth Kathleen

Exiled for treason, a broken warrior seeks refuge amongst the sworn enemies of his Empire.


Once nothing more than a small-time criminal, Born Hybrid Khaziel Ashida is stunned to find himself the target of an empire-wide manhunt.


Hunted by the infamous Black Tide and running out of time, he must now uncover the truth behind his brother's murder before he becomes the one to stand trial for it. If he can manage to stay alive that long...


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