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D E V O N  M I C H A E L

Author, Screenwriter

Born in Los Angeles, Devon started out in film and television long before he started writing fiction. He grew up with the rare privilege of working on screen with brilliant performers and artists such as George Clooney, Natalie Portman, Ryan Phillippe, Michael Ritchie, Whoopie Goldberg, George Lucas, Richard Dreyfuss, among many.

Becoming an adult, his background in performance organically segued into storytelling, as his most prominent early education from the time he was old enough to walk was focused on character study and entertainment.

An early completion of his academic education at age fifteen led him to pursue his other interests more intensely, studying symphonic composition in college until finally realizing that his favorite thing to do was write stories. He wrote his first book at seventeen, and he has been devoted to the words ever since.

Aside from his work in film and music, he also has a background in competitive fencing, stage performance, medieval armory, Irish Dance, and has worked as a personal trainer and international bartender.

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