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Hollo by Devon Michael, fantasy, coming of age, YA fiction


by Devon Michael

Talking statues, magic threads, and a house full of secrets were enough to keep Hollo occupied these last years. Now the time has come to explore the ordinary world beyond her front door.


On one such venture, things take a turn for the unexpected. Not only are the city streets perilous, and people don’t behave at all how she expected them to, her secret house is losing its light.

But as long as she keeps her magic under control, a hooded cloak should be enough to blend in. It has to be. Because the Hunter and his clockwork men are coming, and soon she will have nowhere left to hide.  

    "Full of intricate details that spill off the page like spun gold, this whimsical tale will delight any reader with an interest in craft or magic. The story follows a wooden doll who braves the outside world only to learn how terrifying reality can be. The characters and plot work together to create a complex and spooky story that will leave readers wanting more."
-The Booklife Prize in Fiction
    "Reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, of the darkest episodes of Doctor Who, of some of the madness of Tim Burton, Devon Michael's "Hollo" is an artfully told, dark, and frightening coming-of-age tale with a twist."
-Marian Thorpe
Author of Empire's Daughter


Hands of the Sea

The Magic of Thedes - Book 2

by Devon Michael

Returning to the land of Thedes, the prequel to Hollo takes us back in time to explore the north-western coast, where a fourteen-year-old Eferee is about to discover a whole world hidden beneath the waves.


"Never enter the ocean at night. The seas can be an angry place, Eferee. We may hunt the water in the daylight, but the nighttime is when the seas belong to the hunters whose home we borrow. Never enter that world. It belongs to the gods of the seas, and men must not go there." –My father always said.


The Magic of Thedes Saga continues with-


Hands of the Sea


Science Fiction

Graveyard Children

Series in development

by Devon Michael


Season 1: The Dark Entrance to Dawn


The story of a new world explored by its unlikely inheritors: a generation of orphans left behind in the wake of environmental holocaust.


Craye and his friends stand at the forefront of a civilization of orphans who inherit a new Earth... one with fewer rules and larger consequences.


As if that wasn't enough, now a madman is loose in their lands and must be dealt with...



Season 2: Children of the Woods



In production...



Season 3: The Warehouse




In production...

Season 4: The Empty Fields


In production...


Season 5: Winter of the Terraphage



In production...

Graveyard Children, Devon Michael's Books, Snowfair Publishing, dystopia, apocalypse,

O v e r v i e w


"They were orphans once, in the beginning, when the world caught fire and so many people became lost and abandoned. The young ones were led to a place in the wilderness where towering piles of junk had been left to rust. They made a home there. They made weapons from scraps and clothing from animals while the old world turned to ashes and their tiny new world grew up.


Craye is now seventeen. Survival is no longer the only question.


Their new world is on the brink of chaos, and it is up to Craye to challenge the age-old biases and prejudices that control them all. Uniting everyone is risky, but even if he should succeed the world is going to change, and anyone who wants to live will have to change with it…"

















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