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E M  M O R R I S O N

Senior Editor, Poet, Author


Em knew, when in diapers, that she was a dancer. That was her vocation. When she was an adult there were only so many jobs for women, you could be a nurse, a secretary, or a mom. Em was all three, and ballet was her hidden joy. After her years in ballet, once that kind of expression was no longer available, she dicovered writing. And how like dancing it is.


Her first novel Ruby & Crystal is a story beginning in 1950, following a girl, her closest friend, and their journey through the wilderness, youth, adulthood, and the western U.S. 


Native to southern California, she also grew up touring Yosemite and dreaming of Alaska, places that appear throughout her work. Em is published as an author and a poet, and works from her home in the Santa Barbara mountains writing for herself, and editing for Snowfair.

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