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Hollo by Devon Michael, fantasy, coming of age, YA fiction


The Gatecaster's Apprentice

by Devon Michael

Hollo always wanted to go out and explore the city, not that she dared… but still… staying inside all the time is bad for a body, even a wooden one. And what's the good of being able to do magic if you can’t even enchant the statues next door to keep you company? Or make the best tea you ever had? Or accidentally turn people into stone…


Hollo has always been different, but now that she’s twelve, she is about to find out that she isn’t just different, she's one-of-a-kind. Once forced to brave the city streets alone, she finally sees magic for what it really is. The golden glow that brought her wooden body to life may be more dangerous than she could have ever imagined, and worst of all, her safe, secret house is losing its light. The clockwork men are coming for her, and soon she will have nowhere left to hide.

    "Reminiscent of Neil Gaiman, of the darkest episodes of Doctor Who, of some of the madness of Tim Burton, Devon Michael's Hollo: The Gatecaster's Apprentice is an artfully told, dark, and frightening coming-of-age tale with a twist."
-Marian Thorpe
Author of Empire's Daughter


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The Hands of the Sea

by Devon Michael

Returning to the land of Thedes, the prequel to "The Gatecaster's Apprentice" takes us back in time to the north-western coast, where a fourteen-year-old Eferee is about to discover a whole world hidden beneath the waves.


"Never enter the ocean at night. The seas can be an angry place, Eferee. We may hunt the water in the daylight, but the nighttime is when the seas belong to the hunters whose home we borrow. Never enter that world. It belongs to the gods of the seas, and men must not go there." –My father always said.



The Discovery of Magic series continues with-


Hollo: Hands of the Sea


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