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Graveyard Children





An ongoing epic saga of post-apocalyptic survival and adventure. 




From the Author:


"Graveyard Children is the story of a new world, one explored by its unlikely inheritors: a generation of orphans left behind in the wake of environmental holocaust. It's a story of the discovery, led by Craye and his friends as they stand at the head of a civilization of orphans who inherit a new Earth.





The first raw draft is currently in production. Raw, unedited, and readable on Wattpad.





"They were orphans once, in the beginning, when the world caught fire and so many people became lost and abandoned. The young ones were led to this place in the wilderness where towering piles of junk had been left to rust. They made a home there. They made weapons from scraps and clothing from animals while the old world turned to ashes and their tiny new world grew up.



Craye is seventeen. Armor is metal now, weapons are sharper, and survival isn't the question anymore. The question is how can Craye truly protect anyone besides himself.



He always knew there was more to the history of the world than war, but now the more he learns about what is coming next, the more it looks like he won't be able to stop it on his own. Their new world is on the brink of chaos, and it is up to Craye to challenge the age-old biases and prejudices that control them all. Uniting everyone is risky, but even if he should succeed the world is going to change, and anyone who wants to live will have to change with it…"








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