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E L I Z A B E T H  K A T H L E E N

Author, 2D/3D Artist

Elizabeth began writing in the early 2000s, heavily influenced by the sci-fi fantasy, horror, and occult works of authors like Clive Barker, Terry Goodkind, and Andzrej Sapkowski.

Her debut, 6-part SciFi/Fantasy series begins with the titular novel 'Born Eternal' - soon to be released.

Elizabeth spent Grade Nine at the public library, frequently escorted back to school by Police, despite her desperate need to learn. She later graduated with Honors from Correspondence School at age 16.


These days she lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is a professional chef, self-taught 2d artist, and 4 year graduate of game design.


Elizabeth enjoys environmental modeling, RPG video-games, and writing whenever she can get a word in.

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